Monday, January 04, 2016

my business goals 2016

prosit ord & bild ab, 2015 -

Last year someone tweeted 5 business and 5 personal goals of the year to come. I thought it was such a great (and simple) idea I took a screen print for inspiration this year. When I re-read the goals of that tweeter I found that they were really too vague for my liking. I always find that the best goals should be clear, reasonable and measurable. Especially so if you run your own business!

And not fuzzy, if well-meaning, ones like "go outside my comfort zone" and "cook more". Be more specific, what specifically can you do to go outside your comfort zone (I'm guessing swimming with sharks is not necessarily THE thing to opt for) and why not try (at least) 1 new recipe per week?

So here are my 5 professional goals for 2016 -

  • get 3 new clients - at least 3 and for both long and short term projects
  • take an online course - I have my eyes set on two specific topics that will benefit me and clients, but I have yet to research where and when
  • invoice for an average of X amount of money each month - X being a certain non-disclosure sum, which most certainly isn't my long-term goal one but still a neat sum
  • hold 4 talks - at least 4 and most likely on social media related topics
  • be better at follow up with people/potential clients - a slightly vague goal, I know, but I'm well-aware on how I've failed at this previously so I do know how to not do so from here on
There, I've cared enough to share, surely they will come and surely this will happen! 

Interested in hiring me as a freelancer for communication, copywriting, transcreation and social media management? Please get in touch here - and yes, I do work with both Swedish and foreign clients.

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