Tuesday, January 19, 2016

vegorätt, what a fail


Today it was finally premiere for the the first Swedish all vegetarian (ie vegan) cooking-show on TV, Vegorätt (rätt = right or dish in Swedish). And a lot of us were of course super-excited by this. 'Now all the deal-animal-eaters will finally see how easy, good and right it is to eat green!'

What happened was instead something incredibly embarrassing, parodical, soppy and far from inspiring, professional and playfully educational. We got *treated* with 30 minutes of a filmed Instagram-account (filter, backlight, coolness), hipsters doing yoga on a field with flags and eating acai-smoothies sitting on top of a haybale, adorning eachother with kale and berries in the hair, constantly emphazasing how HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS everything was, giggle giggle etc etc etc.

I'm sure the two hosts/chefs - two Swedish food bloggers I've never heard of - are great and well-meaning gals, but seriously do they know how awful this is for the much needed vegetarian/vegan movement? Talk about backlash. 30 minutes of mockery that cemented every little, ridiculous prejudice dead-animal-eaters could possibly have about vegetarians. One could easily see such a show being sponsored by the meat lobby.

The funniest thing about this awful excuse of a vegetarian cooking show - which turned out to be a health nut, yoga show for people who looove raw-food - was the Twitter-feed with hashtag #vegorätt. People are angry. And rightly so.

Because after being subjected to the dead-animal-eating norm on and off TV for decades a really good and inspiring vegetarian/vegan cooking show was badly needed. Instead we got *treated* with prejudicial mockery and parody by Swedish public television Sveriges Television.

To fritter away such a golden, much awaited, opportunity about an important issue, for the planet, the health and not least the animals - shameful.

Not a happy bunny. Or happy bunnies.

You can watch the show on SVT-Play here

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