Monday, January 11, 2016

cool cats wear green houndstooth

One of my personal goals for 2016 (on the plus-list) was to (cleanse cupboards, wardrobes and) give at least one big bag to charity (which by the way is a word I loathe, help is a much better) per month. 

So far I've done 10 bags and 1 big box. I'm on a roll! And obviously I'm doing a much needed wardrobe cleansing. So much stuff (clothes) I've kept for sentimental reasons. Partly stuff that's really not my cup of wear tea anymore, partly things that unfortunately don't fit anymore. 

So (high) time to make room, and not for more but for air and change. To be even more mindful of what I decide to buy.

A gazillion (slightly exaggeration) have left the building. And these two delightful wearables have moved in. The houndstooth sweater is a quirky, comfortable piece in organic cotton. Its companion, the green kimono, is made of viscose. I've never thought of a kimono as an interesting and useful garment, but really it's rather flattering and uncomplicated to wear over a long sleeved t-shirt or a dress instead of a jacket. Which is a garment I don't find very comfortable and useful anymore.

Looking forward to pair the two of them with existing pieces.

And fill more bags with things that don't fit into my life anymore. But will most likely make other people happy.

Both pieces from on of my favourite shops Bric-a-Brac Stockholm, on sale. You know, the place were I won the Instagram-competition a while back.

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