Wednesday, January 06, 2016

my personal goals in 2016

stockholm, sweden, january 2016 -

The other days I wrote about my business goals for 2016. Today there'll be the a few words on the personal goals - which could grow into a very long list actually. And that made me think that hey, I got things pretty sorted business wise, I even struggled a bit to come up with 5 of them. But still open to new adventures for growth and inspiration of course! -

My 5 personal goals for 2016 -

  • Get back to doing yoga at least 3 times per week
  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes every day - I have begun, downloaded an app for it and will explore other ways that suit me.
  • Finish one old knitting project every month - too many half finished yarn projects lying around... And yarn/patterns for new ones. I'm just so bad at finishing the projects, but great at starting new ones...
  • Travel alone abroad - which of course will be the Schwarzwald trip.
  • Give at least 1 compliment to a stranger every week

And here are some bonus things to the 5 goals-list -

  • Sign up for a mentor/friend-programme for people new in Sweden - done. But the good news are that there are apparently so many people doing that that there are no slots for interviews/matching until late March/April. And of course for me it's very important that the new friend person I match with one day is vegetarian/vegan and non-religious. Let's see how that goes. 
  • Try 1 new recipe per week
  • 1 facial + 1 hair pak per week
  • Get rid of that darn runny nose
  • Give at least 1 bag of things per month to charity shops - I've already done a big box plus 6 bags, so I'm well ahead. Yes, I feel a cleansing year coming!

How about you, do you have any personal 
(or professional) goals for this new year?


DahnStarr said...

Liking your goals listing a lot. Haven't really set any goals for myself ...yet. Been thinking about it but not sure what I want to focus on. As a side note, two people at work have joined a group betting pool. Each person in the pool put in 100 dollars to participate in a ninety day diet and exercise event. At the end of the ninety days the person who has lost the most percentage of weight and body fat wins the "pot" which is over $4,000.00. Humans, money as a motivator.

Feisty Harriet said...

I did the new recipe goal one year, it was both really fun and also sometimes ridiculously frustrating (weeks when I was sick or meh or whatever and just wanted stand-by comfort foods....I cheated those weeks and made two new recipes a different week. I'm a rule-bender like that.)


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