Tuesday, January 12, 2016

delicious vegan breakfast

Say hi to my new favourite breakfast! Or possibly lunch or dinner. Because to be honest it's such a quick and satisfying fix for when you're not very keen on cooking. 

I have been enoying the vegan Alpro Mild & Creamy soygurt since 2013, but this pomegranate flavour is pretty new and it's delicious.

The organic granola is from Swedish organic brand Kung Markatta (= King Long-tailed monkey), it was launched in three different flavours only last autumn and I discovered it just before Christmas when another granola I was looking for wasn't available. The three different flavours are Apple-Almond-Cinnamon, Strawberry-Raspberry (haven't tried yet) and Blueberry-Coconut. My favourite is definitely the above one! Light, crunchy and it's lightly sweetened with coconut-sugar which isn't very sweet and basically only enhances the natural flavours so its not so sickly sweet as some granolas are.

And it plays oh so well with the pomegranate soygurt. So despite it being a very cold dish and I do prefer warm food in the winter, I still can't seem to get enough of it. Morning, noon and evening.

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