Wednesday, January 13, 2016

all set for freezing winter days

The weather report threatens with as low as -20 degrees C by the end of the week. Which is pretty cold. So I've been trying to dig out my best protection against being too cold when I venture outdoors. And this old - actually something like 15 years old! And from H&M of all places - set of fake fur mittens plus lumberjack cap is something I can always rely on when it comes to both freezing temperature AND possibly harsh winds from the north.

The mittens I've been wearing ever since snow first fell, but the cap I took out for a test run today when the wind was very harsh. I think I need to add snap button because I feel that the earflaps doesn't cover as much as the should when you tie the cords.

Other than that, good reliable stuff. Even for a terribly pale and tired northerner who would rather hibernate this time of the year.

What's your most reliable winter gear?

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