Monday, January 25, 2016

new vegan and vegetarian menu at max hamburgers

Fast-food from your average greasy burger place isn't really my thing. But when Swedish fast food corporation Max Hamburgers - founded in 1968 and well-known for their sustainability work (although if you ask me, a company which very business idea is to provide people with fast food in the shape of dead animals isn't very sustainable as such...) - launched two new vegan/vegetarian burgers the other week, alongside their old one plus three different halloumi salads, everyone talked about it and I kind of felt I should try it. The vegan one. The other two you can get vegan instead of vegetarian too, but they're more like a classic bean-burger and not nearly as interesting.

The vegan one BBQ Sandwich is made of Pulled Oumph - Oumph is another vegan Swedish brand, like Anamma, just very hipster, rather expensive and in my opinion rather overrated if you compare to other brands less hipster... - with barbecue sauce and eggfree mayo. It was hot hot hot, because for some odd reason they had decided to add fresh jalapeno. Plus that barbecue sauce was really to sickly sweet for my taste. M loved it and so it seems do a lot of other people, vegans or not (the texture is very meat-like).

Which I suppose is a good thing in the big scheme of things, more vegan options and options that appeal to die hard animal flesh eaters.

But if you're like me and don't appreciate sweet barbecue sauce, or a too meaty protein consistency, you will absolutely not love this one.

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