Friday, January 01, 2016

the grüner smoothie

A few years back I kick-started the new year in what I thought was a brilliant way: a long, brisk winter walk (at Djurgården). Turned out that we miscalculated the distance and bridges so what was suppose to be one hour turned into three hours. My muscles were so sore the rest of the week and to be quite honest it rather put me off the idea of regular, brisk walks routine.

This year I started in a kinder, tastier way: a feast on a green smoothie I picked up at Unverpackt in Berlin last summer. Kale, mango and spinach. I've also stocked up  on kale and other greens and I plan to get back on the regular smoothie-and-juice-track. 

And be a better, diligent yoga practioner that doesn't overdo her brisk walkings.

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