Friday, February 05, 2016

13 things i've learnt from running my own business

Mulling over what's relevant for others respectively not when it comes to publishing on LinkedIn really put a damper on creativity and the joy of writing. 

Some people obviously don't care the least bit and keep on publishing pure links in their own posts (yes, really) or general rants that's not really relevant for a business networking site. Not to mention the gazilionth list of "this will happen in social media in 2016"... Add to that the poorly written posts and/or the posts full of factual errors (shudder).

Whilst others keep on publishing relevant, interesting and thought-provoking stuff like there's no tomorrow. It's obviously a well-established social media/LinkedIn strategy that works (I guess) for them.

I do grasp the concept that publish your own posts on LinkedIn (preferably in English in order to reach a larger audience) can be a great strategy for getting noticed and getting new clients (or for that matter job offers if you're looking for that as an employee). Myself I still struggle a bit with the "business relevance" bit of it all. Is this really good enough? Am I really good enough? You know, the impostor syndrome showing its useless head.

But then the other week I realised that "hey, what have I learnt from running my own business? Lots!". And 6 lessons quickly turned into 13 and really, I could have turned them into many more - 13 lessons I have learnt from running my own business. If you already run your own business (freelancer of some kind or other) you can probably relate to a lot of my lessons. And if you're thinking of starting your own business you might find some useful tips in it.

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