Tuesday, February 02, 2016

two green smoothies

food at home, january 2016 -

I felt it was time for a really green smoothie. Or two.

Since I've never really warmed to the texture of cooked and prepared kale I thought it would be an excellent idea to use it in smoothies instead. So I bought a big bag and put in in the freezer. ANd for one smoothie I usually use one big leaf.

Green smoothie 1 is made of bananas, avocado (frozen avocado is THE new black!), kale and a big splosh of oat or almond milk.

Even greener smoothie 2 is made of bananas, avocado, baby spinach and a big splosh or oat or almond milk.

Both are definitely instant perk-me-ups! And I adore the colour green in a glass.

PS. Even if you don't really have to match your nailpolish with the smoothie for a great experience, it does add a bit of magic. OPI My Gecko Does Tricks was my green choice of polish du jour. DS

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