Sunday, February 21, 2016

eating out: vegan brunch at green peas

Today I enjoyed an excellent vegan brunch at Green Peas, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Stockholm that has obviously flown under my radar.

Green Peas has apparently a restaurant at Stockholm University - lucky students! We most certainly weren't spoiled with vegetarian or vegan choices when I was a student there alas - but now this one in the city too. 

The restaurant is situated in the premises of what I remember as once an American muffins cafe, the interior simple and understated, the food too but also flavourful and fresh.

I had a lovely lunch there earlier in the week and realised it would be perfect for today's lunch meeting. Which turned into a brunch.

The earlier lunch was this great chipotle-quinoa burger with avocado, aioli and potato wedges.

Today's vegan brunch was a tad pricy, but very nice; corn chowder, a plate with miniature burger with pulled jackfruit, filled avocado, fresh springrolls with tofu (awesome flavour and texture!) and a miniature pannacotta with rhubarb cream. Plus elderflower cordial and green tea.

I highly recommend you visit, the food is great and reasonably priced. The restaurant is opened for lunch from 11 am Mon-Sun. The vegan brunch is served on weekends.

Green Peas
Fridhemsgatan 3,
Mon-Fri 11am - 2pm
Sat-Sun 11am - 3pm
See evening opening hours at their website -

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