Monday, February 15, 2016

hello red smoothing iron

Apparently I'm in a gadgets-breaks-phase right now. From toaster to iron to yes, the electric kettle too (more of that later). Touch wood and fingers crossed this isn't the start of more serious, expensive things giving up. (I'm looking at you freezer, fridge, stove, heat pump and boiler...)

Funny enough this beauty of an iron is actually my very first new one! Yes, I've always inherit or got hand me down irons from relatives and friends. Which, just like with furniture, is perfectly fine as long as they work. And that they've certainly done since I've never had to splash out any money on them +four decades down the life span.

I didn't buy this one myself though, it was a gift from M. But I would probably have chosen something like it. Love the colour. And finally I have an iron that I can steam hanging clothes with. Although, being a semi-technophopic as usual I find even the simplest of new gadgets a bit scary and somewhat daunting to begin with. The steam spray is very loud and hot!

But it has been properly snoopervised and paw approved. But apparently it isn't good enough to eat. A bit hard and tastless, even for fierce kitty teeth.

Good for smoothing though. And that's really all that matters.

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