Monday, February 01, 2016

oh where did all the hair go?

So I cut my hair today. And it turned out to be very much shorter than usual. And currently I'm in a state of slight shock. Right now it's more loss than liberation, compared to the September cut and the July one before that. 

On the one hand I think it's quite nice and refreshing, all the sun bleached bits are gone and I'm all ready and set to continue with the "make love not war with the grey bits" transformation.

On the other, where did all the hair go?! And wow it's short, I'm not a shorthaired kind of gal, is this really me? When will it be shoulder length again? And granted, this length does seem awfully far away...

On the one hand I love the short bangs. And it will be fun to play with styling products, it will be so much curlier! I will save shampoo and I don't have to be annoyed about tangled bedhead styles in the morning.

Perhaps I spend time somewhat hiding behind my hair? Maybe this is a great time for a new start on many levels?

But two things are for sure right now:

I'm very much out of my hairy comfort zone. (Which was not one of my personal goals for 2016...)

The haircut will grow on me. Every pun intended.

And hey, what a symbolic way to kick off the month of February!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Haircut is so cute!
A refresh for spring!

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