Saturday, February 27, 2016

organic tea from arvid nordquist

Arvid Nordquist is a family owned company within the food industry. I think they're mainly known for their coffee which is all organic - a couple of years ago I went to a talk about coffee and the devastating impact non-organic coffee has on the environment and health. And yes coffee is one of the most important things to buy organic, alongside bananas and grapes, but of course you already knew that, right? - but they also sell other food products, including baby food and sweets. And obviously tea. 

It's a company that takes CSR seriously and they work with different organizations to create a better, sustainable world. Their latest project is that money from the sales of their African coffee is given to the African Wildlife Foundation in order to save elephants, for example. 

Now for their tea, which I only discovered recently, in a beautiful box - which, if I'm honest, feels a tad over the top in luxuary. It will go straight to the cardboard recycling anyway... - is filled with red berries rooibos tea bags. With lots of flavour. The tea is organic and fairtrade. And paw approved with enthusiasm.

Needless to say, Arvid Nordquist is a company I would love to work with (on their vegan food products). 

So, Arvid, if you happen to read this,
have copywriting and/or social media management needs,
do get in touch!

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