Thursday, February 04, 2016

the original creamy vegan sheese

I've recently discovered the delightful vegan cream cheese from Bute Island Food Ltd and I'm absolutely charmed by it! The Sheese (as its called) is a solid proof that you most certainly don't need to use the despicable palm oil (and sorry, how things work right now I do not trust the so called certified sustainable palm oil either) in creating a great vegan cream cheese. Hooray!

I think the company has a lovely little story of artisan food to tell too, even if they now do so well that they've moved into big production and of course something as charming as a really decent, animal free cream cheese stems from Scotland.

I've only tried the original unflavoured sheese yet, but they have several flavours that I'm looking forward to try. Plus slices and not least feta sheese, how awesome and new isn't that latter?

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