Wednesday, February 17, 2016

the story of the blue tweed hat

Over a year ago I spotted this amazing looking tweed hat/cap in the window display at the Acne Archive outlet shop in Stockholm city. It's not a brand that has ever interested me, but this hat was simply gorgeous. Never did go inside to try it on though and then came spring, summer, autumn and winter again. When I saw it in the window again a month ago I felt "it was meant to be!". Something I the other day, when I finally returned and stepped inside, realised wasn't true.

Because there ARE a couple of reasons something as fabulous hasn't been sold for over a year of course. Reason a) being that the hat is crazy big and consists of an inner cap which makes it snug as a helmet on the head. Which is neither comfortable nor practical. Reason b) is the price. Brace yourself. Its price is 2198 sek ie 260 usd ie 232 euro. In an outlet store. A posh outlet store, but nevertheless an outlet store. I can't even imagine what the original price of the hat was...

Ah well, still gorgeous tweed hat-less, but a horrified laugh richer. And as gorgeous as the hat looks, as less gorgeously it fits. And even if it was way more affordable it sadly is more of a catwalk hat that a really comfortable, wearable and stylish everyday winter hat. And it would most certainly give a really awful and visible hat hair.

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