Thursday, March 03, 2016

farewell tooth

Today was what hopefully will be the very last dentist visit for this year (touch wood). And it was quite unpleasant since it was all about tooth-drawing. It was surprisingly unpainful as such, but when the anaesthesia drifted off - which was administered with a supersized syringe most probably suitable as a horse tranquilizer - the jaw was really painful and tender for some hours. And I had myself a little pity party since I couldn't even have a cup of tea for some hours.

It feels better now. And I have eaten without much trouble. I'm still surprised at how little, if at all, pain I feel in the the part where the tooth was drawn. But the jaw where the syringe was used is quite sore, and I'd imagined that it will continue to be for days still.

I feel sad that a tooth is now lost forever, time and a lot of filling on top of eachother can do that. But I'm grateful it isn't a visible tooth and I will most likely not replace it with a super-costly fake tooth. It hasn't been of much use for some years now and I've been able to work around it, I can't see why I wouldn't be able to continue doing so. My denist gave me two other (costly resp super-costly) options - in some months when the new dental situation has adjusted itself - but assured me that one can live perfectly well without the tooth.

Fingers crossed the next time I visit the dentist will be for a check-up next year.

PS The adorable monochrome mogwai art I spotted in the subway on my way home, it perfectly illustrated my mood du jour. DS

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