Monday, March 21, 2016

the nose buddy

Remember the, to say the least, awkward shape of nose buddies? It took me over three years to get one because of that. Now I finally did since I thought I'd try the thing to see if my annoying rhinorrea will improve - this time 7 months and counting... - before I possibly succumb to see a nasal doctor. I e my doctor Feist.

Used it three times so far and I have to say I find it really really uncomfortable. My nose feels sore and my throat feels painful like I've involuntary gulped a mouthful of water. Sure it passes and the nose/head feels a bit clearer afterwards. But unless I see a significant improvement after using it for a week the Nose Buddy won't be a longterm buddy of mine.

Do you practise the neti?
If so do you find it useful?
And how long did it take 
until you saw the benefits?

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