Monday, March 07, 2016

let the framing begin!

The work with next week's fabulastic photo exhibition is well in progress. Today I returned the first frames I got last week as it turned out I had gotten the idea of framing without passe-partouts all wrong. I'm so relieved I realised the amateur mistake reasonably early on (yes, you can stop laughing now). And I'm even more pleased with how gorgeous the photos look with passe-partouts and simple black frames!

I bought most of the frames I need today too, since I'll need larger frames than I first had counted with I may have to scale down the number of photos for the exhibition though. So I'll begin with these frames and possibly buy more next week.

I've also realised how expensive frames are. Not to mention the passe-partouts that needed special cutting. I would have been better off simply ordering new copies in another size. But I also love how much I'm learning by all the little mistakes. Practice makes perfect.

And who knew it was the framing that would be so tricky and time-consuming, not all the other little bits?

I'm also really happy to announce that as things look now we will be joined by one of Stockholm's best foodtrucks for a few hours! The truck serves organic and vegan food and hopefully the collaboration will have a great synergy effect on both of our businesses - more visitors for us and more guests for her.

1 comment:

DahnStarr said...

This event sounds like so much fun! Sure wish I was able to attend in person so that I could enjoy the visual feast and real (food) feast.

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