Wednesday, March 09, 2016

colourful creative collaborations

Who knew that years after I bought wonderful, colourful yarn from this person we would become LinkedIn contacts and soon after meet up for lovely and immensely thought-provoking creative fikas? 

Today we had our second meeting (over breakfast) and jeez, what an amazing idea for a wonderful, creative, developing all over amazing business collaboration we came up with!

Yes, I know, I've had glimpses of other collaborations I had such high hopes for before, which for one - which I really need to address in another post, it's been 1,5 years now and I think it's time to air that experience that still baffles me - or other reason never turned out as well as expected or intended.

But this one feels brilliant. I actually think it might have something to do about that we talk a lot about colours (!), business ethics and that we actually bring a lot of different creative strengths and experiences to the collaboration.

I have no doubt it'll take a lot of hard work the following months. But it's so much awesomeness involved, you just wouldn't believe. The idea itself is simple enough, but it's how you can elaborate and personalize it that's totally totally groovy. I would say that keywords such as culture, crafts, networking and inspiration are at the heart of this. Fingers crossed the collaboration will be launched this summer.

Social media. Yarn. Thank you.

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Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

What a lovely, wonderful yarn. I do a little knitting again with the fine, very soft pure cotton yearns from the only left Australian mill, Bendigo woolen mill in Victoria.

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