Saturday, March 19, 2016

vernissage - perspektiv europa

Today was the day of the much anticipated photo exhibition Viewpoint Europe (Perspektiv Europa).

And here are a few glimpses of it before we opened up to visitors.

And these are my positive as well as negative experiences from it:

+ The arranging and setting up with a friend I've never worked with before was really effortless, effective and reliable with great communication, our areas of responsabilities easy to define (basically we did the things we're good at and didn't step om eachothers toes. Well, except for me making comments about chips as unhealthy snacks and nearly starting a Chips-gate then...). 

+ The set up and ambiance of the venue (a photo studio) lovely. My friend's father's help with hanging the frames invaluable, it would have taken at least double the time had he not been there.

+ Really happy with the visitors that did turn up, including my childhood bestie which I hadn't met for nearly 20 years actually. And all the nice chats we had.

+ The food truck got the perfect spot to park at just outside our entrance. And she sold out well before our vernissage closed.

- The gazillion people invited that couldn't be bothered to either not replying to the invite at all or accepting saying they'd come but then not have the decency to get in touch explaining they couldn't make it. Seriously, why do so many people have such bad social manners?

- Surprised and disappointed really, that the amount of visitors wasn't nearly as many as expected. We'd done marketing seemingly everywhere, both personal invites, on websites and in relevant social channels etc. 

- I suspect Sunday would've been a better day than a Saturday for it. I also think that for the exhibition to have a proper impact you need to have it up for 2-4 weeks at least. One day like this is just too limiting.

Would I do it again? Quite possibly. But not in the same way or at the same venue (despite all its pros for photographic art). Loved the experience though. And it's such a great feeling to see your photos come to life in prints and frames and not only as a flat image on a screen.

And if there was a prize for the most glammy of vernissage visitors, our friend Sarah would most likely have won it.

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