Wednesday, March 02, 2016

eating out: fru marias bak

On the way to pick up the photos for the grand exhibition on March 19 - if in Stockholm I hope you pop by! - on the other side of town we pass this lovely cafe, Fru Marias Bak. The name of the bakery/cafe is a sweet pun in Swedish: a) it's situated near the street Fru Marias väg (road), b) Fru Marias Bak = Mrs Maria's Baking or Mrs Maria's Bottom. And the proprietor is indeed named Maria. And I'm happy to say as guests we definitely see more of her baking than her bottom.

As the bakery/cafe is situated a bit off from my point of living view it's sadly not a cafe I visit often, but I'm sure the people in its residential area, mainly villas, appreciate its offerings very much. But when I've had the opportunity to visit lately I've loved it the more. Apart from great fika and bread they offer sandwiches and easy lunches every day. 

One day we thoroughly enjoyed this carrot and ginger soup. Which was so much fresher than any carrot-ginger soup I've had before. They've always been creamy and rich (by coconut milk I presume) and a bit too much for my liking. While this soup seemed to be a blend of carrot, fresh ginger and vegetable stock only and therefore much fresher. I will definitely recreate it at home!

They bake their bread of organic flour only and from the plain breads I've ate my favourite is the baguette. And the vanilla buns are great too. The above hazelnut rolls were a bit on he dry side though.

The interior is very cute, light and colourful with a mitch match of thrifted furniture and an open kitchen.

Cauliflower resp artichoke soups. Very nice, but my favourite is still teh carrot-ginger one...

Followed by tea and cake, I don't like Swiss rolls at all but my mum loved the raspberry butter cream. Myself I adored the moist carrot cake.

Last but not least they make a mean semla. Not for everyone I suppose, because it's made from a quite heavy sourdough and is very filling. But the almond paste is lovely - even if obviously not as great as my own... - and the cardamom flavour perfect. Rather similar to the once upon a time Stockholm Super Semla actually.

Looking forward to my next photo pick up/cafe visit!

Svartlösavägen 77,
Älvsjö (Stockholm suburb)
Mon-Tor 7am - 5pm
Fri 8am - 7 pm
Sat 8 am - 4pm
Sun 9am - 4pm

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