Sunday, March 13, 2016

a serious case of camera envy

To be honest I'm rarely fascinated by people's cameras or gadgets. Yes I have a dream camera, which I hope to be able to buy one day. 

But I also know that no matter how fancy schmancy your camera is that most certainly is not a guarantee you'll take fantastic pictures with it, if you're not gifted in the art of photography. 

While on the other hand a great photographer can create magic with a mediocre camera.

Today I got a serious case of camera envy though. My photo exhibition friend showed me his new Leica Q. And it's gorgeous. Plus of course it's a joy to use and the pictures turn out just lovely even in poor light. 

I would most likely never spend that much on a camera, as photography per se isn't my livelihood. But still, a very coveted camera it is.

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