Tuesday, September 15, 2015

a new haircut

So. A) I've cut my hair quite a bit. B) I've decided to stop fighting (in vain) the grey hairs and instead work with them.

The feeling right now is a mix of liberation and loss. And a bit of excitement. 

The hair is such a big part of one's personality. And I'm grateful for it patiently having hung in there for the journey of life, through short and long, light and dark. I guess I shouldn't make such a fuss of the grey bits - which first appeared in my early 30ies, thank you dad - but I neither look nor feel grey (or my age for that matter) and it is an uncomfortable thing to embrace, what greys imply. 

But I've now reach a stage where I feel it's just too much work - and probably not very healthy, from a chemical point of view - maintaining the hair colour. So from now on I'll gracefully (hopefully) work with the greys and blend them with highlights. I would not be able to just leave as is, I really wouldn't, but I feel this will be a smooth and classy way to deal with an unpleasant fact of life.

And somehow, a shorter cut and a new style makes it more exciting. A new beginning of hair sorts. Looking forward to my own first wash and style with shorter hair, who knows I might even use the hair dryer (which I haven't used for years, the less time spent on styling the better).

I'm also happy to say that my new hairstyle is totally paw approved.


Unknown said...

Bravo!! Hope you can maintain it! Looks great from what I can see...I started to go grey in my thirties, as well. One thing, though, it was all in the front! (a nice white patch, LOL) Could not stand it, and have been coloring ever since...and you are right, it is a lot of work! My hair is dark so it really shows up...It should just be live and let live! Good Luck!!

Growing Up Gramma said...

That's kind of weird, about two weeks ago I decided to chop about two feet of my hair off, too. I'm still dying those darn grays, though. If I didn't I would look 80.

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