Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a slight case of acorn mania


As mentioned before I have a soft spot for acorns, any shape and form. A soft spot that is naturally even more soft this time of the year.

I have a theory of that fondness stemming from the beyond wonderful children's book about the acorn family with the children "Ocke, Nutta och Pillerill" by Elsa Beskow I immensely enjoyed when of toddler age.

These days I don't read books about acorn families, but I still get all giddy about acorn shapes. As I'm well aware of this acorn spell I keep from browsing Etsy and search 'acorn' nowadays. But before I kept myself from that I found some sweet acorny treasures that begged (yes, begged) to move home to me ~


a darling acorn necklace and hairpins by one of my favourite etsy sellers, the sparrow's nest. i've said it before, but i will say it again, mai really makes the most adorable woodland themed jewellery. the songbird earrings are still my most favourited earrings of the day.


the soft, lightweight jersey raw edges scarf from maryink - in the same style as the lovely crysanthemum scarf - sports acorns galore. i ask, what's not to heart?


And now my question is, from nature's splendour
is there a seasonal shape,
you more than anything else adore?


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

lovely post (and pics), Pia!

Catherine said...

Very pretty and autumny!

Lola Nova said...

Wonderful photo of the acorns! and beautiful treats from etsy.
Acorns do have a little bit of magic about them. Seasonally, I like the shape of the Maple leaf, with it's fall colors on. In general, not having to do with seasons, I'm crazy for the shape of an egg.

P.K said...

An enviable collection. My favourite seasonal shapes are acorns, pine cones and leaves especially oak.

Pia K said...

glad you think so, afos!

thanks, catherine!

thanks, alex, yes, that's it acorn equals magic, that's true. the round, soft shape of an egg is sweet. i have a, somewhat predictable, soft spot for heart shaped things too.

thanks, p.k. i wonder why so many things 'tree' makes for lovely shapes...?

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