Tuesday, October 01, 2013

stolen iphone


Goodbye iPhone, it has been a pleasure to know you, this evening October 1, 2013 you were stolen from a cafe in Stockholm by a beggar in one of all those seemingly countless gangs of thieves around these days.

Of course I am really upset that it happened at all, I'm always really careful with my belongings, but he sneaked up on us from behind the armchair and before I managed to grab my handbag he obviously snatched the iPhone. I noticed it was gone when I was on the train 20 minutes later. Went back to the cafe looking for the phone, naively still hoping it had just fallen out from handbag on the floor where we sat, where I learnt about it being a significant problem with beggers and thieves roaming the place this past year. (This is one of my favourite cafes and I have meetings there quite often without really having noticed the problem until now.)

I am so grateful I have a code lock on the phone - if you don't PLEASE get it asap! - and that I don't have any bank apps, too personal information and such on it. I have the 'find my iPhone' activated, but the device is offline. The phone is now locked at the phone company, I've reported the theft to the police, changed my passwords to be on the safe side anyway. Will have to contact the insurance company tomorrow and then see about getting a new phone.

As this was also my work phone it's double nuisance of course. I'm grateful I at least synchronized it with the iPad, hopefully the phone book and calender is reasonably intact...

I'm oh so well aware that things could be so much worse, if I hadn't reacted so quickly and grabbed my bag he could have taken the wallet, the iPad, the whole handbag and that would have been absolutely devastating.

Before I left home today I also happened to make a way overdue back-up of the +2000 photos I had on the iPhone - I concider that a case of serendipity too.

This was not the perfect way to start October, it's indeed rather upsetting, but bad stuff happens too of course and in the big scheme of things, all things concidered and so forth... I will now go cuddle something furry and comforting. And get myself a cup of tea to try and wind down (although two large soy lattes this evening will probably keep me awake all night anyway...).

And wish for October to improve its awesome-factor.
Because, dear October, I know you can do it!


Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry - though as you say it could have been worse.
And those furry cuddles would have helped.

Lisen said...

Nääääääe va trist! :( Men som sagt: vilken jäkla tur att innehållet var backup:at, låst etc etc. Men allt fix med försäkringsbolag, polis, inköp av ny telefon osv är ju sånt man helst slipper... Hoppas det löser sig snabbt med alltihop!

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