Friday, April 27, 2007


I had every intention to write an insightful and witty (all things are relative) bookwormy review-blogentry today. But after a simply glorious day here in Stockholm - how about those daffodils to the right! - with too much sun, too much fresh air, too much walking I feel I've just been springcleaned out of all my wit and will enjoy an early night instead.

But before that I'll probably enjoy some raspberries along with Häagendasz raspberry-cream icecream (never is there such a thing as too much rasberries!) and the movie "Wimbledon" on DVD. Not really sure why I chose that movie, I'm as far from a sporty animal as one can be - praise the forces of nature for that - but it has some good actors too it and I'm sure it's just as easy-watching as my newly springcleaned mind can take right now.

By the way, I'm a bit excited about the fact that that fun little Cluster-gadget seems to be working now, the wonders of the computerworld never seize to amaze me...

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