Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy feet and a bit more

Good customers relations are the keyword for good sale-figures.

And I'm one of the ones who keep returning for more at Kiehl's due to that (and of course their many good products) -

last week it was birthday boy M's time to experience the Kiehl's-feeling.

And this is what I gave him (apart from a pair of really snazzy shorts with bright green flowers):

* A bottle of alpine herbs shower gel - smells divine and rather unusual.
* A bottle of all sports footcream. For those those oh so neglected feet. What is it with men and their in general quite... in lack for better words, disgusting and non-pampered elephant-feet?? And I simply insist - since the footpolisher seems to have a repellent effect - on a pedicure before summer...
* Shaving cream
* A sample of musk edt
* A sample of face cream for men - ha, ha, good luck in getting M to hop on that train of men with beauty regimes!
* And - since he's actually on a trip to Rome for playing golf right now - some samples of sun blocker (hm, I wonder if that made its way down in the suitcase or not...)

Can't leave Kiehl's without anything for myself of course - so I got some samples of
* grapefruit hand & body lotion - haven't tried it yet, but the shower gel I've used and it smells divine,
* shaving cream - for when it's time to do the Spring felling and plugg the pipes in my neighbourhood... - and the
* facial scrub with pineapple praised by my friend A. And after using it only once, I can't but agree - it was just super! Of course its on my shopping-list for next time!

And even if most things I've tried from Kiehl's have been good or even great I've also tried some far less than impressive products. I rave about the creme de corps - the best bodycream I've tried for my dryer than dry winter skin - but I'm not impressed by the creme de corps washing cream. Non lather, very un-lasting and non-moisturizing like any old shower gel. It's definately a no-buy! Perhaps the creme de corps light weight body-lotion works well on a non-dry skin type. But for me it wasn't enough to keep my skin happy. I also felt it was quite non-lasting. Another no-buy.

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