Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Strike the pose

I thoroughly enjoyed the newly retired show cat 's- also known as Eulalia or Eu (at least something positive has come with those two letter woven together...) to her close friends - pose today.
Such a striking pose and that look on her face! I've seen other kitties philosophizing over life like this before, but never her, until now. She's always been more of a flying squirrel kind of girl.
Ran for the camera, the batteries were out, the lighting was poor, that part of the sofa a bit full of cat hair (reason for my artistic talent with the paintbrush...), couldn't get a really good picture in every aspect. But still, it's a pretty fun one and I'm so happy that little creamy, furry, cuddly, philosophizing thing is born, raised and living her life with me!


Unknown said...

Ha! That's an adorable photo! Love it!


Pia K said...

Eu and her humble, as well as proud, human slave says "thank you":)

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