Sunday, April 22, 2007

WCB - At the cat show

I once was a very keen cat-show goer, quite a distinguished one I might add. For a number of reasons that part of my great love for cats and breeding has ebbed away over the last period of years. These days, at a cat show and afterwards I'm just dizzy and worn-out.

And since there are so many more interesting and fullfilling days to spend your weekend - both for the cats and the twolegged ones - we usually opt for those more funfilled and less exhausting things.

But sometimes there's an exception to that rule of cat-show-free weekends and yesterday was such an exception. So the gang of three chirpy chatty twolegged showgoers and their seven cats set of to an adventure (well...) in the icerink of Surahammar (translates Sour Hammer, and if that's not an ominous sign I don't know what is...).

070421 014

To cut a muuuuch loooonger story short one of us, my friend U (who attend a catshow about once every fifth year or so) had a less than successful day with her to little furry companions. But somehow she seemed quite eager to try it again within a foreseeable future. Maybe it had something to do with the fantastic gang of three and our excellent food-breaks during the day?

070421 011

A very distinguished Dutch treat with A taking care of the breakfast, me of the lunch and U of the coffeebreak-treats (though I must say she was more than a bit of a lazy type just buying the treats in the supermarket rather than baking them herself...).

A was pleased with the result of her cats and I was too. Even though the different judgings were "slightly" disorganised, in the end of the day we ended up with more than we had hoped for. The cat-bathed-in-macademianut-shampoo known as Eulalia got her last certificate for the neuter-title GIP (Grand International Premier), she was nominated to the panel (didn't win there, but I bet she had won the class of the most-from-outer-space-looking-eyes - if there had been such a class).

070421 015

She also became Best senior shorthair female. And now she's well and truly retired from the show ring, nearly 9 years old and with a lot of showgoing and winnings over the years - and I bet she herself thinks that was the best prize to win!

Little Siri, the 1 year old, didn't much care for the show. As always a total sweetie, but not very keen to show her star-quality. She did get her first certificate and was the runner up for a nomination to the panels though. But got beaten by A:s classic bluetabby girl - and a spot of good luck that was, since otherwise I might had missed out on getting a ride back home...

070421 018

And back home we went after a looong, too looong day in the evening. Can you spot the most happy-with-being-retired-and-getting-back-home-cat in the bunch?


Unknown said...

I didn't know there were cat shows! That's so interesting. I think kitties are adorable, but I'm allergic so I tend to admire them from a distance. (Excpet kittens, I just HAVE to snuggle them! And then hurry and take medicine so my face doesn't get all red and puffy).

Pia K said...

Oh yes there are something as strange as catshows too *every day you learn something new and exciting*:)

I can't imagine my life without cats and I don't know how I'd survive with no furry little darlings to snuggle and cuddle with...

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