Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bonus Track

My view on the Eurovision Song Contest is definitiely the same still. But seeing these two stunningly professional and immensly entertaining twins and their group that goes by the name Rongedal on today's morning TV, I'm all starryeyed excited, rooting for them all the way to wherever the finals are, and then some!

I knew them beforehand, I'd seen them perform here and there, but somehow for reasons completely incomprehensible they hadn't made an impression, I shamefacedly admit.

Listen to their piece here - the song itself is so-so, even though it certainly grows on you, but their performance is simply outstanding! They own the stage, they're completely in sync, lovely outfits, and just look at those cool moves. What is it with a guy (here times two) that's got rhythm, humour and doesn't take himself too seriously? And then it so very obvious they love to perform, all that joy they eminate. Wish I could feel like that about my job one day!

Even better moves you find here, when they apparently participated - and of course, ruled - a, in some circles, very popular Swedish sing-song television show.

Giddy happiness! Exclamation mark.

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