Friday, March 14, 2008

Wanted: Blog Style Council

Talked with a few of my fellow course mates today, and the topic sort of slided into blogwriting. I was the only one who had one, and since it's a waterhole where I ventilate, not always in very pleasant manner, this and that, him and her, I like to keep it a *well-kept secret*.

If you're very good at sleuthing the Internet I guess you could find it with a few personal details of mine, though I can't be considered all that interesting as far as they're concerned. And since I'll most probably continue with my personal observations, nice or naughty, all through this course, it would be more convenient if it could remain a ventilating sidekick of mine...

One very general observation of mine is that every single time the topic of blogging comes up, which frankly isn't all that often since I and the people I spend time with prefer to live in the very real life (although I very obviously can't wait to retransmit many of those amazingly interesting bits of real life into blogging...), is how very few who actually know or care about this kind of "subculture".

Some because they have no interest whatsoever in the Internet - yes they exist! - others because they find the blogosphere being swamped with, frankly, crap. And I know the feeling, the introvert illiteracy of far too many bloggers is appalling. Embarrassing. Horrible.

Myself I don't read many blogs, at all. The ones I read I return to, on a more or less regular basis, because they're in possession of one, many or all of the below qualities;

* so darn entertaining
* well-written or extremely well-written
* creative
* educational
* witty or incredibly witty
* revolves around a certain interest I share
* lots of nice - great - amazing photography
* makes me think, and think again, and then some

And, honestly, very few of my favourites are Swedish, since I - *confession big time* - consider many, oh too many, of the Swedish ones, both unbelievably boring and badly written. Completely lacking any of the above desired qualities or having even a hint of public interest. Blog style council, anyone?

Ah, now that I've been whining for a few blogpost, I'll try and keep it strictly nice the next time. Perhaps a bit on the food-front? I have found some *new* lovely places to eat lately, lunch, dinner and for a coffeebreak, should write a trifle about that perhaps. Or a few castles visited, or a dash of cat update, or books or a neighbourhood review... Well, the latter one maybe later because that one will definitely concentrate on the more whining aspects of the vicinity around here.


Poppy Q said...

Pia, I understand entirely. Non-bloggers don't understand the world of blogging at all and like you I don't tell many people.

I have only let one person I work with know, on strict secrecy and my immediate family.

I guess they are right, there is a lot of crap stuff around, but I certainly have found lots of entertaining and interesting blogs that include many of my interests. I guess instead of watching rubbish tv, I check out my online friends.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy some nice cafes.

Julie and Poppy Q

Holler said...

Hi Pia,
I don't usually give people my blog address, although I may tell them I have a blog. It does seem to be spreading a bit at work after telling someone. What I find is that people who know you only seem to lurk and not leave comments. Now that is what I call sneaky!
I enjoy your blog and your photos, so this style council says yes!

Pia K said...

Poppy Q, oh yes, instead of rubbish TV I too spend a bit of time online, if not for reading blogs a lot but to check out this and that and then some:) I hope you've had a good weekedn too!

Ah, that's so kind, holler:) I like your blog too, and the mouthwatering recipes, although these past few months I've problem reading it since my computer have a tendency to "lock itself" whenever I try to check it out...:/ I've had this problem with a few blogs as lately and I have no idea why.

I know, what is it with the irl friends and acquaintances, they just lurk around and rarely comment?? Sneaky indeed.

Holler said...

Someone else told me they had the same proble with my blog! I wonder, what is up! I thought it may be the foodie blog list, because it had got so long, but that has been corrected! Oh dear!

Pia K said...

Ah, that's no good, it seems like it's perhaps a Blogger thing than just my computer...? Hrm, one of those times when one doesn't very much like the world of internet, when the easiest thing get so timeconsuming and complicated...:/ I hope it'll get sorted, in some good way!

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