Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Legal Creativity

Today I thought I'd get a bit of writing done while I'm still semi-conscious. So here goes. It's actually not that I'm studying hard 8 hours a day, every day, but my mind tends to have a studying agenda of its own and contemplate all sorts of new ideas, inputs, views, analysis when I myself would like to relax a bit. In short, I'm *slightly* winded up. All the time. I guess it just takes some time to get a more relaxed approach to it all, not that we have the time for that. Every course unit is only two weeks, so next week we start another unit. And pretty soon it's time for the first month of traineeship.

To be honest, the forward planning, or the very obvious lack of it, the schedule leaves a whole lot to be desired. I get a very semi-professional feeling, unfortunately. It's kind of a muddle what is really expected of us. My ambition is usually high - with a personality that constantly clashes between being laid back, with a longish takeoff since things really have a tendency to work themselves out with the right amount of effort, and at the same time being the overachieving kind, that gets *rather* annoyed when things aren't efficiently well-done in a no-wasting-time-way. Hence I'm grateful I am the very efficient, skip the drivel, let's work when I can't procrastinate no more (have you heard that before?)

With this course however, it is *rather* difficult to get a feel for what's expected and not, after the initial boosting of all the demands, it's all been well, confusing. Sort of. Not the subject per se, but the expectations. The two way communication part of this full speed ahead two lane thing isn't quite working. I hope it's only an initial glitch.

Having said that, we did have a really fun, and exhausting, group project on today. I think we worked well together, or ahem, well, perhaps it was just a very tiny bit of a me enforcing my ideas. Though really, IMHO I was the only one who had actually done a decent preparatory work. Anyway, we did have a lot of fun, silly fun, I think they were so darn witty some of the ideas. I hope the teacher (the first of 10) - which btw is a really, really good one, a very experienced practitioner in this field, giving us a whole lot of insight and great case studies, pedagogical and just very likable - can appreciate all those little creative details...

Ah, things just don't get much better than twisting legalities with dippy creativity. That mix of strict primness and resourceful creativeness is utterly irresistible! I get completely absorbed every single time. Addictive. Strictly in a very positive way.

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