Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things Yellow

Easter is over - although I do believe this year's moon cycle was a tid bit too pushy for my personal taste of Easter-time - but luckily we can enjoy these beauties of Easter lilies for yet some time.

080329 004

This bucket I found at one of the castles we did some spotting of this weekend - the capturing of castles I'll get back to in a later post, you can never get too many of them, but what doesn't seize to amaze me is that there are so many more or less well hidden gems of castles in the vicinity of Stockholm. So many I've never even heard of, me a castle buff, or perhaps I'm just the buff when travelling abroad or in other parts of Sweden and not in my own *backyard*, others I've visited earlier but before the age of the digital camera... - adorable, springy little thing!

The colour yellow is far from a favourite colour of mine - which might have something do with the fact that I really don't look good in it, perhaps mustard-yellow nuance being an exception, but in general yellow makes me look pasty or like a giant silly ice-cream, neither very complementary - but since I consider myself open minded in general, and vanilla yellow is rather a lovely nuance, I give the benefit of the doubt even to colours, I couldn't help myself when I started nibbling on M's chosen very yellow breakfast Tosca bun - at lovely place-of-wild-strawberries-to-eat, Café Lyran - yesterday. The nibbling soon turned into urges, it was just so. Very.Tasty. Since I refused to stop eating, M had to get himself another specimen of a bun.

080329 001

And as you can probably see, this heavenly bun must be consider a very fine example of the whole food circle (kostcirkeln) in one bun -

1. vegetables = the almond and the almond-paste, the grass eaten by the cows who produced the butter,
2. fruit = the almond, which surely is a fruit since it belongs to the plum species and is closely related to peaches,
3. root vegetables = the almond tree has roots, therefor the almond can also be consider a root veggie,
4. dairy products = the milk and the butter, the latter making this bun a veritable guilt trip of an excessive amount of fat...
5. meat, fish & egg = egg obviously,
6. bread & grains = yes there's flour in this bun, and the bun is a bread, voilá!
7. edible fat = see guilt trip no 4

Admittedly I did feel *slightly* queasy after this breakfasty meal, I won't go blaming the bun though, it just might have something to do with the fact that the bun itself wasn't the whole meal for me. Even though I have no problem with leaving leftovers, I do want to sample most things and well, it was very tasty and it was Saturday after a long week, and it was such a nice way to spend a sunny, weekend morning... Anyway. Darn tasty it was. Despite being yellow. Besides, in my world there's hardly anything that can't be cured with a bit of extra orange - as in a couple of extra carrots that day.

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