Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm With Stupid

I know I've been sort of raving a few times or so about the public transportation system in Stockholm - and bragging about my closet trainspotting skills - but having to use it during rush hour is no rosy picnic. Since far too many commuters are showing unthought - at least for us a cut above peabrain-status - of ramrodic skills and lack of decent behaviour. I'm mostly fortunate enough to be able to have a seat and concentrate on my book, but still the often appalling lack of adaptability to crowds and tactfulness makes one wonder. A lot.

And it sure doesn't get any better with the SL (Stockholms Lokaltrafik, Stockholm's Local-traffic) company, the public sector, that supplies us with this, in theory and most of the times also in practicality, grand transportation system also employs its fair share of peabrains. Like the public procurers doing a far from good job when apparently procuring inferior quality trains in 2002.

Trains that has offered a whole lot of delays for a whole lot of weird reasons, when they're in use at all. Since that has apparently also been a problem, faulty trains. Which has cost the taxpayers billions. And does someone think that anyone takes responsibility for this? Of course not. You can always hide behind someone, something else. The public sector in all it's usual doing-its-job-in-wasting-money glory.

I thought this morning's c-train ride was even more crowded than usual - guess what. The feebleminded strategist at SL - the colleague of the peabrain procurer - had come up with the oh so bright idea (making sure they're worth their salaries) of cancelling some trains during rush hours, since it's Easter holidays and many people are hence on holiday. The only slight glitch in this bright plan is that no it isn't Easter holidays in Stockholm THIS week, but next. I bet the best and brightest of Sweden's intelligentsia doesn't work at SL. Or perhaps the real problem is that they do.

Then on my way home I was on the verge of getting an apoplectic fit, yes on the public transportation, namely the bus. But this time it was a perfect example of a peabrain passenger i e a lowbred mother and child. I have no idea how some people tick letting their children stand in the seats with their muddy shoes on.

What made it even worse is that I then discover that this little spawn of tosser had actually not only stood on the seat, but also on. My. Coat. Leaving muddy prints. I was so darn angry when I got off the bus. And what makes me even more mad is that I was so darn angry I didn't say a single word about it to that idiot lowbred excuse of a mother. I so regret that. I so do not like regretting such a wimp behaviour of mine.

The moral of this post might just be that it's simply not safe travelling too much with our public transportation and all it's deviants, since the degenerate behaviour tense to rub off. I'm with stupid. Too often.

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