Saturday, March 08, 2008

What Not To See

As I've mentioned before I'm not much for theatre going. When I now and then do go, I like to think it's carefully chosen pieces and shows. Still, not even those times it's always the impression of it is a pleasing one. And then we have the other times, the pieces and shows I haven't chosen to see myself, either being a total surprise, a gift or even a spur of the moment thing. I (we) went to such a show last week.

A "quality entertainment show" (the ironic and what must be presumed thought to be entertaining name of the show) with a somewhat praised comedian, best known from the Swedish political satirical TV-show "Parlamentet" (The Parliament). A show that is at times - with the best comedians - absolutely hilarious. When the *comedians* aren't top notch it's more of a oh-my-this-is-embarrassingly-bad-entertainment-please-stop-talking.

I can't say I had much of an impression of or view on this guy beforehand, I just thought it would probably be a rather pleasant evening. Which it would turn out to be far from. It was actually and most definitely one of the most awful pieces of *entertainment* I've ever seen.

This poor guy - Henrik Dorsin - keenly though in vain tried to resemble one of those (more or less) well-deserved belauded old school Swedish (well, I guess there's old school entertainment genre in most every country, you know what I mean, the intellectual witty, dryly humorous, most often satirical kind of humour) comedians, and it just turned out so very very very bad. Extremely strained old-mannish slap-stick. So. Very. Not. My kind of humour.

Apparently I was somewhat of an exception to the rule of being quite entertained by this poor excuse for a comedian, since most of the rest of the audience seemed to have a good time. Whilst my face more and more resembled a lemon. A very sour lemon indeed. We left in the interval.

Ah, thank goodness for a great book and a lovely bed - if you might harbour the idea of this show being something too spend an evening with, I suggest you to think again and chose that bed & book alternative instead.

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