Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Tiny Case of Retail Therapy

First of all, it's flipping crazy that one year ago on Lady Day a k a the Swedish Waffle Day it was sun, green grass, being able to eat those waffles on the porch wearing shorts... One year later it's freezing snow and slippery streets. Alas.


Now, with today's whine out of the way, let's continue with a slight case of retail therapy. Only very useful things of course. Must-have-things in the inexpensive price range. First out is a lovely little plate for tea bags - well, I consider it to be a teabag-plate, anyway - from the small Swedish Stockholm-based company/shop Yorrik. The name derives from Hamlet's court jester, the famous to-be-or-not-to-be-skull.

They mainly sell baby/children clothings but also household items and pottery. Small scaled, handicraft, ecological thinking, just the way I like it. My aim when entering the shop, which I'd thought of for ages, was to find a suitable gift for a friend's daughter - I opted for an adorable bright orange jersey Yorrik cap (much appreciated by the tiny gift-reciever). And then I stumbled over the pottery sale and ended up with this must-have-teabag-plate. You can never have to many of those. Period.

080308 004

The Yorrik pottery range is made in collaboration with the pottery at picturesque summer trip islet in the Stockholm archipelago, Fjäderholmarna (fjäder = feather, holmarna = the islets). A lovely place definitely well worth a visit, and not only for the wonderful restaurants and the handicraft studios.

080322 006

The other must-haves are simply towels. Size small. One colourful with chickens, perfect for the Easter kitchen. I'm not much for primming, but a new towel and some tulips, oh that's just a perfect touch. This one I found at the big department store, Åhléns, at a measly price.

The other two are perfect small terry towels for the toilet, with my childhood favourite Swedish cartoon character, the honeyloving bear Bamse, which I wrote a bit about here. Suddenly using the toilet-facilities is so much more appealing, when you can wipe your washed hands with either pink or blue smiling Bamse, don't you agree? These towels, and a whole range of Bamse-items, can be found at the Swedish home textile chain, Hemtex

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