Monday, March 17, 2008

Early Birds

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For some weeks now the early birds of spring have began twittering and chirping in the middle of the night, about 3 am, somewhere very close to my bedroom window. Even though the mornings, afternoons and evenings rapidly are getting lighter and brighter it is still dark and night at that time. And if I don't happen to be reading a book in the middle of the night, which do happens, it is kind of nice to be able to have a peaceful non-chirruping sleep.

The early birds don't care, they seem so overly excited about spring, and even if all that tweeting is rather disturbing it's also catching. Catching in the way of getting a certain effervescent feeling of spring in the air, of nothing being impossible. Or at least hardly nothing.

This early bird chirruping might of course also being a subtle, or not very subtle, way of revenge. Revenge for that red menace of a bird butcher that's lurking in my garden. Or the fact that the bed & breakfast facilities leaves, from a bird point of view, a whole lot to be desired foodwise. Or just a whole lot of complaining over the sad fact that the official spring isn't a proper one. It's just a chimera that deceives spring birds to return from warmer climates too soon. But all that possible complaining sounds so very cheerful.

Poor little fuzzy early bird who came with high hopes of spring. Instead you were greeted and surprised by snow and chilly winds. So I promise to serve you better food from now on, I'll make sure the red menace can't catch you and I hope you'll be able to cope with this early excuse of a spring in a colder climate. Please keep on twittering as much as you like.

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