Saturday, May 03, 2008

... And Eight Days After That


Won't be long now, before that sweet, irresistable fragrance of lilacs fills the air...


The ornamental tree now has its brief moment in bloom...

080430 006
... as does the lovely cherry blossom tree in the parking lot.


In the flowerbeds you might find all sorts of strange and wonderful plants, some being of the liquorice copper eyed kind.

I hold on to those things, great and small, bright and beautiful when life gives me - as us all from time to time - those far from wise and wonderful days and times.


Per Stromsjo said...

And I always wish I had a "pause" or maybe a "slow" button to stop spring from rushing by so quickly.

Pia K said...

And the only thing we can do is try to enjoy this brief moment every year as much as we possibly can. Which can me difficult alas.

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