Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Soapy Thoughts

Some days, well in my case many days, there are a whole of ideas and tasks that should be addressed and in the end a whole lot of nothing gets done instead... As I like to keep things in lists, yes I do, I also try and keep the things I should do in list/s and check them off one by one. However there are things on some of those lists that have been there for... well, sometimes years I'm rather ashamed to admit.

They have simply not been a top priority of mine, whether those (subconscious) decisions have been wise or not, only time will tell. Or not. I do brood *a bit* about the not-top-prioritizing when these to-do-things involve me keeping in contact with people though. But I'm pretty sure they don't live their every day thinking why that Pia-person hasn't kept in contact...

Since none of us are always top priority to all the people we meet through a lifetime I shouldn't feel too bad about it I suppose. It's just that sometime I think I should make a bit more effort to be a good, wholehearted friend, to everyone I like to be that with.

And now to someone who certainly won't be my new best friend, the new coach. I'll spare you the finer details, let's just say my first impression through emails and phone was spot on. And in my world it's rather an annoying - as well as rude - feature to not concentrate on the meeting and the person in front of you here and now but eminate stress, lack of concentration and not listen properly. Perhaps especially if you're a coach, ahem...

Having said that I will also say that I think I got a few useful tips, ideas and hints regarding structure of CV and my approach to applying for jobs etc. And I'm glad all the work I've already put in, especially over these past few years, wasn't too bad at all, it was just a case of sharpening the arguments and details.

So now I'm in the sharpening process of things. And I'll also attend a short series of seminars, perhaps they'll do some good in one way or another. At least it'll be something to work with.

Something to work one's hands into is also this new fragrance of the Swedish soap brand that brings back sweet childhood memories, Bliw. Launched in 1968 it was apparently Sweden's first encounter with liquid soap and at first had a very brand distinctive, and appealing, shape of a bubble. The bubble shaped soap is still on the market, but has since been followed by pump-bottles and refills. When I was on the prowl for new handsoaps the other week I found this pale pink beauty with a heavenly scent of dog-rose and rhubarb. So very summer! Will certainly be a treasured little soapy thing at the basinside.

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Jacqueline Meldrum said...

What can I say! I am a list-maker too! I feel better when I make one and the joy of a new notebook! Keep this quiet please :P

Pia K said...

Oh a new notebook is just great! Clears the mind in an additional way to the walk in the woods:)

I bought too many of them for that stupid course, all lovely, the problem is that I thought it would be a neat idea to have one for each course-phase so I kind of wrote partially in them all. I don't much like to rip out pages and it's kind of messy to mix the more business-part with the pleasure-in-list-part, ah, silly me...:/

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