Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Brat Way


Oh I do, very much, appreciate the independent thinking, imaginative and a vivid intellect-qualities and quirks in twolegged as well as fourlegged beings. But sometimes there's just too much of a good thing, the independent thinking, vivid intellect can become *a bit* excessive, spoilt and self-centred.

And let's just say that one of those more often than seldom very self-obsessed-look-at-me-I'm-the-centre-of-the-world-types is a lodger of mine. Admittedly I have had cats acting like this too, but at this moment in time none of them is anywhere near as self-absorbed as loaf-doggie extraordinaire.

Rascal-tyke example of today - friend I haven't seen for ages shows up for lunch. Loaf-doggie his usual super over-excited self when guest arrives. Guest can hardly enter doorway because of excited welcoming loafie. When inside guest puts her bags on floor so she can say hallo to me too, loafie likes to sniff out bags. Though he usually actually listens when one asks him to calm down with the bag-sniffing-thing.

Ears very closed today. Sniffing continued. Guest found it very amusing and said it was quite alright since she had bought him something. Loafie all superexcited with ears closed suddenly fished out something and ran for the garden. Not one wof of thank you. Imagine my embarrassed apologies for spoiled loafie brat behaviour.

Loafie brat very happy with new toy, it was a soft squeaker - that usual lasts a couple of hours or so before it's finally silenced forever and ever -, the best there is on the toy side of loafie life. But however happy with new squeaker toy the world just isn't right if cats get toys too. Toys that aren't nearly as fun as squeaker thingies, but nevertheless cats shouldn't get toys of their own. That's just not fair. At all. Must loudly, adamantly vent bark way. Ears still closed.

Loaf doggie lodger obviously thinks every guest of this house has come to visit him, him alone and only him. When guest and boring old undersigned don't want to play with great new squeaker - or share food - loafie sighs, goes to snoring, flatulent sleep under table.

Exactly why can't loafie be more like well-behaved cats, that show, among a plethora of endearing qualities, excellent tea-party-hosting-skills?

Squeaky toy lasted about four (4) hours - it's both silenced and flattened forever and ever. By one super over-excited bratty self-absorbed tyke of one loaf doggie extraordinaire. It's a dog's world.



Wendy said...

He's such a character!

Pia K said...

Indeed, and sometimes a bit to much of it...:)

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Admit it - you wouldn't change him for the world...! (though snoring AND flatulence at the same time?? Hmm...)

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, he can be rather amusing at times, I admit as much - and others so very annoying...

The snoring part he does mostly when he falls asleep due to exhaustion - like being super excited or having been on a long walk - it's rather cosy to hear.

The farting part, not so cosy. I still haven't found a dogfood that doesn't bring that noise/smell that he actually like to eat - well, at least you keep rather spry with all those naturesounds he so generously produces at times...;)

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