Wednesday, May 07, 2008

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The rapidly increasing food prices in Sweden may reduce the quality of the school meals - a meat dish may actually have to be partly substituted with leguminous plants. *Take a moment to imagine this ghastly prospect*

Oh my, can this shocking, embarrassing lack of perspective be anything than a belated April Fool's joke...?? Oh yes, it can - Stockholm, Sweden in all its beauty and glory sometimes I'm so consider emigrating.

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Remember the cruelty in wool post? There are some interesting comments to be found in that post. One might disagree on many things said in one of the comments, but it's at least an interesting read and if you want to read more about this issue from another angle, you can also do so here. There are also some interesting links to the Wikipedia-article on mulesing.

As I wrote in the above mentioned post I bought a merinowool sweater at the Christmas-sales, I would never have bought it if I'd known then what I know now and I just couldn't bear using it. So I e-mailed the company in question, asking what their animal welfare policies were and could I please return the sweater. I didn't get a reply, which was rather frustrating, so I e-mailed (a slightly impertinent mail) again and this time I got a speedy and pleasant reply.

The answer to my first e-mail had apparently disappeared in cyperspace - like so many other e-mails never to be seen again - they said they were working hard with different kinds of animal welfare programmes concerning the clothing industry and if I wasn't happy with the garment in question I was welcome to return it and get my money refunded. Now that's what I call good customer relationships!

The company in question - which I honestly don't buy a whole lot of clothes from, since it's not really my type of design in general and besides, I'm not a member of their target group (skinny, flatchested, miniature-babes) - was Swedish designer Filippa K.

The only fly in this particular customer relationships ointment was the treatment one got in the shop when asking for a refund (with flawless sweater and receipt). But hey, we can't all be bright and brainy and in the end I did at least get my money back.

Apparently there is merino wool produced that's organic and cruelty free, so go out there and get your voice as a concerned consumer heard!

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