Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Foretaste Of Summer


To me and my tastebuds there's nothing that says summer quite like the combination beetroots and feta cheese, add a bit of bunnyfood (a k a green leafy things) sprinkle with sunflowerseeds and there you are, a tastematch made in foodheaven!

This specific recipe called for lentils too - not to mention a whole lot of nasty stuff like pig-murder, mouldy cheese and the stringy, surly thing called ruccola, stuff that never ever get to enter my home - did add them, nice but also rather superfluous. However grilled halloumi compliments dish very well. Very, very well. Indeed.

Melon & feta sallad

Since change is said to be the spice of life, why not switch the beetroots for some watermelon, add fresh coarsley chopped mint. Baby sister to the above tastematch.

rhubarb pie

And as far as desserts go, there's just nothing that positively screams Swedish summer like rhubarb pie, possibly the crumble version...

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