Monday, May 19, 2008

Springtime With Rosa

Rosa with Solbritt

Elvira this, Elvira that, Elvira here and there and everywhere. To be honest I was getting really tired of hearing about how perfect, smashing, adorable in every way that silly large sized Elvira is. All the time.

What about me, I'm not only pink - in a dark, attractive, alluring, gorgeous, irresistable way - I'm the perfect size, I have lots of neat pockets and straps, I'm so darn cute I'll bring tears of joy to your eyes every time you look at me. And yes, all your most must haves do fit inside my perfectly shaped body. So I have this very simple question, when are you going to inaugurate me for the season then?

Finally. About time. Lookie, lookie, just look how fabulous I look anywhere you put me, I add much needed sparkle and shine to any old stone -



aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Looks particularly fetching with a small kitty inside it, obviously... ;-)

Pia K said...

What, a kitty, where...?! :)

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