Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Lizard Way

Even though my favourite colour very much is pink - have you heard that before? - I pretty much like most colours, or well, I'm not too fond of yellow, if it's not a pale vanilla kind of nuance. And I really don't like black - as someone so eloquently put it, black is only worn by neurotic, aggressive career hags - in general or white-white.

And I don't fancy metallic colours - silver and gold on other things than jewelery, yukety yuk with yuk on top - and no, no to neon-colours. Honestly, the 80ies, been there, done that, it sure wasn't pretty or stylish then and the decade very much hasn't aged well.

I'm sort of not very fond of purple and lilac, for very obvious reasons, but other than that - bring on the colours! I get all giddy happy when I see a designer and design who isn't afraid of colours, who very obviously love working with colours and not just the timid threesome of black, grey, white. Which to me is just bland and b-o-r-i-n-g, boring, boooring. I find colours so very inspirational, I thrive on them, love combining them whenever I get the chance. And I love, love, love it when I see other people in great colour combinations.

If I can't have pink, I very much like its mother, red. If it's the right nuance, the darkish, cold nuance and not the lighter yellowish kind. I do fancy orange - which darlin' Elvira is quite an obvious sign of - preferably the deep, darkish kind, and brown is rather an undervalued and lovely colour. Dark chocolate, mocha, cappuccino, cafe au lait, chocolate cake, milk chocolate, latte - scrumptious!

The worn denim blue and petrol blue strikes a certain cord, not to mention the wonderful colour scale of green. Pastures, hills, lawns, woods, trees, leafage, linden, lime, pistachio, olive - just as long as I don't have to eat the latter. And pastel colours, delish, pale pink, blue, green, grey, vanilla, eggshell white..., de-lovely. And hey, if it's a pastel I might even agree on a pale violet shade.

Since I'm a true believer in Details, capital D, I relish whenever I find that I've consciously or subconsciously gone down the same colour/nuancepath when buying clothes and accessories as last year/season - that I actually found something this year that really very much goes well with "that old rag" (worn by this old hag). Excitement! Ah, I'm so easy to please that way, give me a sight, a splash of matching or complimenting colours, sigh, I'm yours.

I've also found that for every new season I get certain cravings for certain colours - even if *surprise* pink is always present - perhaps washed-out pale blue, or a particular nuance of green, not quite olive, not really lime and not exactly linden green either, something in between.

This season I think I'm rather partial to pale blue and green. And when I found a certain model of a certain shoe make in a certain green, add certain details, I somehow just couldn't resist trying it on. And like Cinderella I found my perfect match in shoe. So. Very. Comfy. So very... princess meets monster Frankenstein, decide to create shoe together. So. Very. Pleased with my mighty green shoe investment.

Please note silly little tinsel on shoe front, it's suppose to resemble a lizard's eye. In fact, the whole shoe is in the shape of a lizard snaking itself around the feet. From Spanish brand El Naturalista, a company which obviously has a lot of interesting ideas and also eco projects going on.


Edit: this shoe has since been followed by a brown sibling pair.


Anne said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I want a pair too - but I think I'd go for black.


Pia K said...

*lol* Sorry to have to disappoint you there, they actually don't come in black :o)

Heather said...

You find the best shoes ever! Oddly enough, I tend to wear a lot of black, possibly a symptom of Boston Brahminism that we here never quite shake. However, I purchase shoes with pops of color. I believe happiness can be had wearing red shoes, if only fleeting.

But green ones would do just as well.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Heather! And I've learnt a new concept I hadn't hear of, Boston Brahminism, *thank you Wikipedia*:) For some reason many intellectuals and creative people tend to wear black a lot, I've never understood why. Even though a little black dress or a suit can be nice sometimes I've never fancied the colour. Just an odd piece here and there. But black jewellery can be beautiful!

I have a friend who always wore black when she was younger and she has her own idea why she's more colourful nowadays, that she with age and wisdom (?) wants to celebrate life with colours and that she was a more introvert when she was a black-wearer.

Btw, the hag-black-expression comes from the Stepford wives movie, Nicole Kidman-version, I found it hilarious and very useful:)

Red shoes really are the best, and as you say, green isn't too bad either!

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