Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sticky Rhubarb Cake (Yes A Recipe Too!)


In my garden there are what seem like rather happy rhubarb plants, they multiply and grow in speedy delight. In early April there were only a few creasy, dazed sprouts showing up. A couple of weeks later there were actual lovely looking leavetops. And a week after that it wasn't long before they were ready for the first harvest...




At last, no need prolonging the first rhubarb pick! Still, I wasn't to greedy, the first harvest was just enough to make one sticky rhubarb cake. The cake turned out really rather nice, despite the fact that I completely managed to forget the butter that was briefly mentioned in the recipe. Though I'm far from a butter-person I think the cake probably lacked in stickiness because of the lack of butter. Musn't forget next time. And since I'm feeling generous as far as recipe goes, here this foolproof thing is -

Sticky rhubarb cake

2 eggs
2 dl sugar
2 tbs vanilla sugar
2 1/4 dl white flour
2 tbs baking powder
5-7 dl cleaned, peeled rhubarb in pieces
dash of cardamom, dash of vanilla sugar
butter (no specific amount)

Whip egg, sugar and vanillasugar white and fluffy. Blend it carefully with the flour and baking powder. Pour into greased tin, spread thinly. Put the rhubarb on top and sprinkle over a dash of cardamom and vanilla sugar (and perhaps a dash of more sugar if you don't want the cake to be too rhubarbsour). Shave butter thinly over the mixture.

Bake around 30 minutes in 175 degrees C. Sieve caster sugar on the cake if you want it extra nice looking - and who wouldn't - serve with whipped cream. Or homemade custard (and please, not any of that horrible instant mixie thing).



Wendy said...

Funny, I'm making something very similar tonight except that the rhubarb is underneath the sponge. Might add some cardamon to it now. :)

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

That sounds - and looks - very good. I will have to try. And you're quite right - only the finest homemade custard, made with lots of eggs and vanilla beans, would be right for this.

Pia K said...

I hope your rhubarb pie turned out nicely, Wendy! And IMHO, a dash of cardamom is always the thing to add:)

Thanks, aforkful, do that, it was yum indeed. To be honest I've never made my own custard, but I don't like the mix-stuff so instead I go whipped cream. But of course I should have a go making that custard, and it's always so lovely to use real vanilla beans.

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