Sunday, July 06, 2008

Food With A View


It's been quite a while since I last wrote about some nice - or not - places for food eating out. And I do have a terrible backlog when it comes to that, somehow there have been a lot of other things on my blog-mind lately... But now I will write about a place, in the sothern suburbs of Stockholm, I very much recommend a visit too.


That is, if you don't mind walking a steep, ramshackle stairway of 78 steps to get to what can almost be described as heaven. Since this café comes with the most magnificent view and a lovely sundeck to make the most of it. Though admittedly, the stairs faintly reminded me of those very less than heavenly stairs at Möns Klint in Denmark...


The name of the place is Kaffetoppen (The Coffeetop) and can be found just behind the rather shabby shopping mall of Slagsta Strand. At their website (only in Swedish) you'll find useful information with a road description (the most convenient way, if you're not living or staying in the vicinity, is by car) and menu (which is actually more extensive than the one shown at the website). The place can also be booked for private functions and conferences.


I found the sundeck to be the best place to enjoy a bit of food on - well, food on plate, on table, me in sunchair, table and chair on sundeck - but the smallish indoor area looked cute too. If the sundeck is full and the weather is good one can also enjoy the food sitting on the flat and extensive montaintop. Overlooking the lake Mälaren, dwelling areas, vast forrest areas and a bit of industrial estate.


The food we had was really rather good, and good value for money as well, tuna sandwich on lovely ciabatta bread plus a nice, simple chocolate cake. Plus friendly staff. And that view and the perfect weather - sunny, hazy, a bit windy - relaxing in those lovely large sunchairs made for a perfect, unpretentious little outing.


The café has obviously not only a rather ingenious name but also a matching location, though quite unexpected and perhaps a bit difficult to find. But if you come by car from Stockholm city (highway E4/E20) you'll easily spot the huge flagpost behind that ugly looking office building/shopping mall and then it's well displayed to Slagsta Strand, and the café Kaffetoppen, Fågelviksvägen 5, Norsborg.



Per Stromsjo said...

That sepia tone makes for an interesting retro feeling.

Pia K said...

Yes it had a rather nice 1950ies feeling to it, the staircase doorway, going sepia was the best way to beat the backlight.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots! Makes me want to be in Sweden for summer.


Pia K said...

Thanks, Paz, if the weather is amiable, oh, there isn't much that beats a Swedish summer...!

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