Friday, July 11, 2008

The (In)Famous Liquorice Cousins & I

080711 004

How could I resist getting these completely adorable pendants when they so very clearly are inspired by none others than my (in)famous *everywhere, anywhere, present all the time, preferably at high-velocity* liquorice cousins??


And quite obviously so very inspired by yours truly too, far too many of my quirks are depicted for things to be a coincidence... Had to have a whole bunch, even though chosing just a few was a task one can resemble only to the Nobel Prize achievements. Next task on agenda is to create something perfect and complimentary to both delightful pendants as well as high-speed, shiny black, furry models. Labour of love.

080711 011

Being completely baffled, how did someone know using bicycle at odd hours was perfect pastime for miniature household panthers by the name of Waldemar?
080711 015
Adorable pendants, prints and other lovely stuff can be found at primoriginals, totally enjoyable even for those not blessed with the personal irl set of depicted liquorice trolls


Anne said...

Oh, how gorgeous!!!

Poppy Q said...

Oh Pia, these are sweet. I rushed over to have a look and might have to buy some soon too.

Thanks for the link and have a lovely weekend.

Pia K said...

Oh yes, they are, so pretty, pretty, Anne!

Glad to be of service, Poppy Q, hope your weekend will be a good one too!

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