Saturday, July 05, 2008

Prize Winning Photo Upon Request

Okey, remember that first prize hullabaloo? It took forever, or at least nearly forever, until the much awaited painting arrived. Yesterday. And well, what can I say, IMHO... it's definitely not something I'm going to hang on my walls. If I'm kind I'd say it looks like daub and blotch on canvas that's in desperate need of work to be presentable. A very pale imitation of that beautiful courtyard of the Tessin Palace, if you ask me.

Tastes differ, so maybe some of you out there find it to be a rather accomplished work of art. I know I'm most certainly not going to fight my mother about this shared price though. Go figure, for once in a blue moon I actually win something and end up with this..., well very less than pleasant wall-hanging. I guess I have to just relish the concept of the glory of winning.

080704 001


Anonymous said...

Pia, what rubbish to give as a price.It is awful. I mean it would be all right if the person who has painted it keeps it for his own enjoyment. Does it have a "celebrity" inprint on it, then perhaps you could auction it on ebay; otherwise donate it back as a prize!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ;-)


Pia K said...

Exactly my opinion, titania, I can completely understand the personal enjoyment and relaxation etc one can get from daubing, but to give it as a prize... And as an extra "treat", the framing is also cheap looking. Returning it seems like a really good idea actually.

Ha, ha, that's true, Paz, however in this case only if you got a very poor vision and looking at the blotch from far away. Very far away...;)

Anonymous said...

LOL! ;-)


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