Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Bicycle Basket

This is one pretty bicycle basket I got for my mother last Christmas. She had talked about it for ages and I had thought of it as a perfect gift for that long too, but never had the opportunity to get her one. Now I did. And she adores it. So do I actually.

So if I one day decide to get me a brand new bicycle, I will probably get it a cute basket too. One practical yet pretty one, Swedish design, made of plastic, can easily be transformed into a handy shopping basket. From Design House Stockholm, comes in three colours; waste-bin-green, black and white. And for once, black rules.



gaelle said...

I am a french woman from Paris and I will come in Stockholm this Summer (end of August). I know that you don't know me but is that possible to give me some advices for my trip?
my email is: gaelle_mol(at)yahoo.fr
(your blog is very nice!)

Titania said...

Pia, your title intrigued me beause I have a fondness for bisycles. The basket you bought for your Mum is adorable, I love it. I always had a basket with a colourful ribbon which I would change from time to time. A basket like this was not available...and Australia is not a "bisycle" country.

Pia K said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gaëlle! I will email you some suggestions and advices for your Stockholm trip later. You picked a good time for your visit, end of August usually is a very lovely time of the Swedish year:)

Titania, bicycles are lovely and I do think we have our fair share of cyclist here in Sweden. Not as much as in Denmark or Netherlands, but a lot more than many other European countries. I used to ride the bike a lot when I was younger, it's such a nice habit and free exercise! And right now I'm waiting for a preused bike to arrive.

That ribbon on the basket sounds lovely, in Denmark they're very fond of adorning their bikes and baskets with plastic flower garlands. Not my favourite kind of flowers, but it looks quite adorable and I've bought one for my *new* bike to come actually:)

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